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Coke side of life

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In my opinion, the ads that represent the philosophy of a company with effective visuals creat great campaigns. Live on the coke side of life is an inspiring motto for a huge company like Coca Cola. While I was checking out the coca cola art works, I saw these ads. These illustrations vary in many different styles. Coca Cola company decided to do this campaign with different artists and designers. While doing this they want the designers to interprate the philosophy “Coke side of life” according to their perception and the resulting products are mostly designs with vivid colors that attract customers. For more stuf on Coca cola artworks you can visit


Poster Designs

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Pawel Janczarek is a Polish freelance illustrator. He designs posters for different kinds of events in Europe. The most important characteristic of his work is his use of illustration and typography together. Especially in the fingers poster, the relationship between the lines of the illustration and the lines of the text turns a simple idea into a more powerful visual product. You can view other works by Pawel Janczarek from his flickr account.

Favorite Typeface T-shirts

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Ayşe Çelem is a Turkish designer that does lots of different works. As far as I know she owns her own design company and she designs lots of different stuff. I Even saw bird cages that were designed by her. Her last project was to design t-shirts with her favorite Typefaces. I think the most important part of this project was the design of the packages. Cylindrical boxes with the name of the Typeface she uses are tempting.

Grafik Mag

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This was a magazine that i tried to follow, before it was closed. It will be returning in January 2011. Especially the cover pages of the magazine are inspiring. The use of different typographic methods in both the cover page and the logos of the magazine, the different colors in every issue doesn’t change the concept of the magazine. Perhaps it makes the magazine to have a different kind of unity.

What is Graphical Design?

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Graphical design is one of the visual arts that are used for the communication between visual elements and the person that perceives these visuals. Transmitting a message or raising the awareness on a product or service is the most important function of graphical design. Even if it started with only print materials; the material and the dimensions of graphical design expanded with the invention of new technologies. For example, screens and videos became a new area for the graphical designers to work on, making it possible to work on 3 dimensional environments. Due to these innovations, visuals that are created by the help of computers became the most dominant area that graphical design contains. The process that a graphical designer faces is a creative one that mixes artistic materials with technology in order to communicate truly. The rules that a graphical designer obeys are crucial for the output to look nice and informative. Output should look aesthetically good with the use of images and typography. The tools and the rules that a graphical designer uses doesn’t give only one specific result. In other words, there isn’t only one specific solution to any design problem. A graphical designer has a pool of solutions to choose from, but the important thing is to be creative while combining these different solutions. As most of the graphical designers work for clients, they tend to have important influence on the output. During my internship period in an advertising agency this summer, I saw that this situation takes out most of the freedom that a graphical designer has and increases the time he/she has to spend on the design. Also if it’s a print job, printing process can give stomachaches to the designer. Communicating correctly with a particular audience is something that a graphical designer must do. He/She has to decide correctly where to whisper or where to shout in the design. Otherwise, the result might give very different messages than expected. Telling something with visual elements and text can be much stronger than telling it verbally. Sometimes even the text can be unnecessary in this process. In today’s world, graphical design is much more than 2 dimensions. There are many different areas that a graphical designer can be useful with his/her knowledge.