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Bevk Perovic Arhitekti

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Bevk Perovic Arhitekti is a Slovenian Architect known for his social housing works. He has a great portfolio, full of remarkable architecture. Little details in his work helps him a lot in achieving the very best results for his commitment to detail and perfection. First of all the use of glass and wood together looks very nice in his work. His color choices help him to create the urban and minimalist environment he wants. We can see the movement he gives to pure forms. The additions and subtractions that he makes to these geometric buildings makes you feel like the building is in a constant movement. I think his portfolio has many different and new design ideas that are great source for design inspirations. You can see his portfolio on


Pixar’s New Short Movie Day&Night

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When I watced Pixar’s movie Toy Story 3 with my nephew, the dvd had a bonus section with a short film again produced by Pixar. People working in Pixar like to make short films for years, but this one is one of the best short movies that they have created. It must be a very hard task  to blend 2D with 3D animation and get a good result.

Tape Art by Buff Diss

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Buff Diss is an Australian non-traditional street artist. Instead of spray paints and markers, he uses masking tape with the colors of black and white. With his own words, he says that he’s on a mission to find the perfect place for his graffiti, and as you see in the pictures his work interacts well with architecture, streets and empty buildings. What I like about his work is the way he sees all the city as canvas for his unique style of art. Original ideas like this one could really make graffiti and street art a more positivie thing. Especially in Turkey, most people use walls on streets to just write their names with a marker pen. I think that people should be ashamed of themselves because they show how shallow their creativity is. In the other hand Buff Diss’s work is fun, beautiful, bold, monochrome, well crafted and can make you look at it for hours. Another fun fact about tape art is that, because it’s done with tape government officials can remove them easily unlike any graffiti done with spray paint.

Cartoonish Illustrations

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I like all kinds of illustrations, but I realised that illustrations that are completely realistic doesn’t attract me. Illustrations that are cartoonish are more fun to see. Here in Sam Nielson’s work, we can see the digital painting, but also see the importance of design in concept art. I’m sure there are many better illustrators than Sam Nielson, but he’s really good at showing unreal look realistic. Also the expressions of the characters are great. His characters also reminds me of the characters in Disney movies. You can reach Sam Nielson’s portfolio from