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Adam Kalkin: Container House

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Adam Kalkin created this shipping container which was originally exhibited at Art Basel Miami in 2005. At the first look it looks like a shipping container, but it opens up into an entire house. With the help of a hydraulic system, this rectangular shipping container turns into a full apartment at the touch of a button. The open structure contains six rooms spread across the container’s floor and walls. On one of the walls there is a double bed, bathroom and even a full size bathtub. On the other wall there is a living room with side tables and a sofa. To complete the home, there is even a library full of books. At the first look, you can’t see the kitchenette and dinning table, but they say that the home also contains them.


Record Clocks in Different Shapes

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I realized that I’m spending most of time on internet searching for illustrations or videos that impress me rather than looking for design products. Also in my blog I mostly share the illustrations that I find inspiring so this week I tried to spend my time on design products that I find interesting. Now, before I begin I have to say that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone apply ideas to a clock design. You can find many examples of clocks that are made out of vinyl record. These clocks are shapes that are wild and weird. There is a gun, a bird, whatever you want. Each of these records is cut to a pattern that can be reproduced, but it’s not something unique when you think about it. What makes these records unique is the limited nature of the record. Every record that turns in to a clock is a limited edition. Now think about that, three ideas are put together into one. Time, music, and a third ingredient that you choose.

Designer: Pavel Sidorenko

Illustrations by Hysteria

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There is a designer with the nickname Hysteria on Behance. First her typographic work took my attention and I started digging for different works of her. I think what attracted me most was the color palettes she choose in her work. Her illustrations also reminds me the works of Russian Constructivists like Malevich and Lissitzky. Especially the ones with a red circle in it is like a new approach to this style.  Both the cartoonish and abstract work done by her represents a unique style with the geometric and non geomotric shapes with thick and thin lines combined together.

Calendars For 2011

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This graphic designer Irına Vinnik has a great portfolio on Behance. First I started looking at her sketches that are mostly black and white. I realized that she is really talented at using organic shapes. Then I saw her calendar that she worked for 4 years spending lots of time with it. You can easily see the time spend on it from the details in her work. I think she’s a great artist with lots of talent. She also spends a lot of time on creating fonts with these organic shapes in it. You should really check out her sketchbooks because she takes her sketchbooks very seriously and I think it’s very important in her success.

Creation Stage of an Experimental Poster

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It’s amazing to see a single number 6 turn into a poster like this one. The creation process of this poster really took my attention. I got the chance to watch a tutorial about it and it doesn’t seem to be that hard now. This is work of Spanish graphic designer named Diego L. Rodriguez. His an artist that develops his art by mixing photography and digital art. He has many other experimental works on his website You should definately check the portrait art he makes by mixing photography and digital art.

Macro Photography by Brian Valentine

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Last Week when I was looking at National Geographic Magazine, I saw pictures of insects in close detail and I started searching about Macro Photography. Brian Valentine is a photographer that started Macro Photography just for hobby and now he’s thought to be one of the best Macro Photographer in the world. Photographs taken by him are very interesting as you see all the details of the subjects in his photos. It’s hard to define his work, but his photos are definitely both good technically and have a quality within itself. Being able to see every small detail of everything that goes in front of his lens is amazing.