Grid For Editorial Design

I tried to build two different grid systems for the editorial design I’m working on. First one is based on 3 text columns. Everyting in the design is based on multiplies of 0.25 cm. First of all, the margins from the left and right side of the paper are 1.5 cm because I want my page to look more compact. I tried smaller margins, but that way the elements in the page looked very close to the sides of the page. Every text column in my page will be 5.5 cm and the space between the columns as you see with black borders will be 0.75 cm.

After building a 3 column page structure, I thought of designing a 4 column structure with close values to my first grid. This time the problem wasto create a big enough columns for the text. So I narrowed the margins from the side to 1.15 cm. This automatically gave me more space for the text. Every Column in this structure is 4.5 cm and the space between them is 0.25 cm.


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