Shocking Advertisements

Sometimes companies and organizations takes innovative approach even though they push the boundaries. This way they convey the message by disturbing the audience. These campaigns have always been against violance, smoking, alcohol and human rights violations. Most triggering ones are about nature preservation, some of them become very creepy, but they serve their purpose well.


2 Responses to “Shocking Advertisements”

  1. “we help dealing with all kinds of animals” right to the point, that one is a really good advertisement and WWF’s ads are always good.
    “the bite of coffee” what the?! not a good advertisement… I wouldn’t want to drink that coffee.

  2. barisertufan Says:

    i have seen many of them at but not all together obviously. When they are all together they creeped me out bad :). Strong visuals there but it is always risky to do these stuff.

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